Designer passionate about design systems

Hi there, It’s Jeff Product designer from the Netherlands. Doing my best to create good-looking and delightful digital experiences. Currently designing Employee Listening solutions for Effectory, Amsterdam.

Baseline — iOS app

mijnsubsidie — Webapp


“Always surround yourself with people who are even more talented and competent than you.”

_Stephen Covey

As a product designer at Effectory, I'm responsible for designing My Effectory. In My Effectory our clients can set up everything that is needed to gather feedback within their organization. Managing their employees, start surveys, view results, learn and take action. Alongside designing new features, we product designers are also taking the lead in maintaining the design system and closen the gap between design and development.

Being part of the Yummygum team, I helped startups and established businesses refine, design, and build their digital products. Working here, I had the honor to work with great clients like Spider Strategies, NOS, Hotelchamp, Shutterfly, FindHotel &

Next to my job at Yummygum I started to freelance. In this period I worked a lot together with Mijnsubsidie. Together with a UX designer, we made a complete redesign of their web app. Besides the web app, I also designed documents, surveys, and their marketing website.